SKOB Ostrov, orienteering sport club Ostrov

Covering organization
Czech association of rogaining and mountain orienteering (ČAR)

Event date
24. – 25. 6. 2017

Event centre
Community Šindelová,


  • Czechia rogaining Championship for 24 hours – start at 12PM (noon) on 24th June
  • 12 hours public rogaining race (start at 7PM on 24th June, finish at 7AM on 25th June)
  • 6 hours public rogaining race (start at 11AM, finish at 5PM on 24th June)

Race area
West Oremountain. There was World rogaining championships (WCR) in the area on 2012. Roughly can be race area defined by following line: on North by Czech-German state border, on East by line going through communities Potůčky, Pernink, Oldřichov, Smolné Pece, on South by line Tatrovice – Jindřichovice and on West by railway Rotava – Kraslice, next heading to Stříbrná.

Hilly terrain of Oremountains along Czech-German state border,  at the altitude from 550 to 1018 m over sea level. Mixed forests with variable passability, extensive mountain meadows, numerous bodies of water: rivers, creeks, lakes and swamps. Some swamps are impassable. A lot of forest roads and paths.

Special map for rogaining, scale 1: 40 000, e = 10 m, status 2017, printed on waterproof paper.

There will used valid actual race rules of ČAR (Czech Association of rogaining and mountain orienteering). Any exception from rules will be published on web pages and in instructions

Electronic punching system – SPORTident
Every member of team MUST have its own SI-chip! Usable SI-chips:
24 hours race
SI-6 Nr. from 500001 to 999999 with capacity for 64 positions
SI-10 Nr. from 7000001 to 7999999 with capacity for 128 positions
SI-11 Nr.from  9000001 to 9999999 with capacity 128 positions
(warning – SI-9 Nr. from 1000001 to 1999999 has only capacity for 50 positions, which is lower than amount of available positions in race area!!!)

12 and 6 hours races
usable SI-chips:
SI-5 Nr. <= 499999 with capacity for 30 positions
SI-8 Nr. from 2000001 to 2999999 with capacity for 30 positions
SI-9 Nr. from 1000001 to 1999999 with capacity for 50 positions
+ all SI-chips usable in 24 hours race

There will be not accepted punching of any positions crossing over chip capacity for any team!
Fee for Renting of SI-chips:  with lower capacity (up to 50 positions) it is 50,- CZK, with higher capacity 80,- CZK.  We can guarantee chips available for renting only for entries in 1st phase of entries. Please place ask for renting in your entry.

24 hours – MO, WO, XO, MV, WV, XV, MSV, WSV, XSV, MY, WY, XY
12 hours – MO12, WO12, XO12, Y12
6 hours   – MO6, WO6, XO6, Y6

Explanation of abbreviations
M – team members are only men
W – team members are only women
X – there is at least one man and at least one woman in team
V – veterans – all members of team are 40 or older – birthday before 23. 6.1977
SV – superveterans – all members of team are 55 or older – birthday before 23. 6.1962
Y – YOUTH (young, all members of team are 23 or younger – birthday after 23. 6. 1994
Team consists from 2 up to 5 members. All team members must go through race together. If any member will retire, whole team have to go into Finish and abandon the race.
Members younger than 18 can participate in competition only with written approval from their parents or legal representative. Participants younger than 15 can participate only by supervising of person older than 18.
In Czechia rogaining Championships for 24 hours can competite only registered members of ČAR. There must be registered all members of team; the foreign teams has exception from this rule. There is possible to register free into ČAR directly by registration for competition in place.

Declaration of responsibility
All competitors starts at competition on their own risk and on their own responsibility. Organizator doesn’t provide any assurance, all compensations must be covered by participants own assurance. Organizator isn’t liable for any damages made by participants. Detail guide for move in area will be defined later in instructions.
Declaration of liability will sing competitors by registration. (Full text of Declaration will be attached to Instructions in PDF file.)

Start fee
For competitors of 24 and 12 hour races
– if you pay before 29. May – 500,- CZK for every team member
– if you pay before 12. June – 700,- CZK for every team member
– later payment – 900,- CZK for every team member

Start fee includes map, accomodation in own tent(s) in race centre (from Friday to Sunday), parking near to race centre, sanitary facilities and refreshment in hash house during race.

For competitors of 6 hour race
– if you pay before 29. May – 300,- CZK for every team member
– if you pay before 12. June – 400,- CZK for every team member
– later payment – 600,- CZK for every team member

Start fee includes map, parking in centre, sanitary facilities and refresment after competition. Fee for accomodation is excluded from start fee!

On-line by entry system on web page (Menu – Entries).
Makeshiftly you can put entry by email on email address This email address should be used for questions.
Entry must contain name of team, names of team members together with their birthdays, selected category, contact email address, SI-numbers and alternatively request for renting of SI-chips or request for Friday dinner or Saturday breakfast (for details please see paragraph refreshment and entry system).

All payments (start fee, fee for SI-chip renting, accomodation for 6hours competitors, dinner or breakfast ordered in refreshment) have to be payed before given deadline by transfer order at Fio bank account 2600748038/2010.

Payment have to contain variabile symbol as entry sequence number (will be generated automaticaly by entry system) and place name of team in message for receipient.

For payments from abroad (outside Czechia) please use following data:

IBAN: CZ7820100000002600748038


Competitors for 24 and 12 hours using only own tents can use accommodation in bordered special area in centre for free. Competitors for 6 hours, which will accomodate in own tents will pay 50 CZK per every night and tent. Such request please place in entry system.


Friday 23th June 2017
19:00 – 22:00 – registration of competitors for 6, 12 and 24 hours races
18:00 – 22:00 – ordered dinners

Saturday 24th June 2017
7:30 – 9:00 – registration of competitors for 6, 12 a 24hodin (competitors for 12 hours can register up to 16:30)
9:00 – 9:30 – sealing of chips for 6 hours competition
9:30 – issuing of maps for 6 hour competition
9:30 – 10:00 – sealing of chips for 24 hours competition
10:00 – issuing of maps for 24 hours competition
11:00 – start of 6 hours competition
12:00 – start of 24 hours competition

16.30 – 17:00 – sealing of chips for 12 hours
17:00 – issuing of maps for 12 hours competition
17:00 – finish of 6 hours competition
17:00 – hash house opening
18:30 – results declaration ceremony of 6 hour competition
19:00 – start of 12 hours competition

Sunday 25th June 2017
07:00 – finish of 12 hours competition
12:00 – finish of 24 hours competition

13:00 – results declaration ceremony of 12 hours competition
13:00 – closing of hash house
14:00 – results declaration ceremony of 24 hours competition

Positions will be described at map and in description by code, which first digit multiplied by 10 means value in points (from 30 up to 90 points). Amount and order of positions is free to select by team. Reach of position is done by punching of SI-chip in SI-equipment. Position is in terrain marked by white-orange flag in size 30×30 cm, equiped with SI device and needle punches for case of SI failure. Final sequence order of team is evaluated by total amount of points, in case of equal amount of points is order defined by time (lower is better). If you cross over time limit, you will be penalized by subtracting of 30 points for every minute over time limit. If you cross over time limit for more than 30 minutes, your team will not be evaluated in final order.

In restricted area near to event centre, please follow organizator’s instructions.

By own vehicles or by public transport, organizator doesn’t provide any transport.

There is hash house in event centre – competitors for 24 and 12 hours can refresh during competition and after race close, competitors for 6 hours can refresh after close of their competition.
In centre will be open local restaurant  „Na Tajchu“ (but there will be only cold buffet available there).
In community Šindelová is open restaurant „Sparta“ with hot meals offer (aprox. 800m from event centre). In this restaurant can participants order dinner on Friday evening, they can select from 3 available foods in same price 85,- CZK, or Saturday breakfast in price 55,- CZK (entry request for any food in entry system).

Dinner at 18PM – 22PM on Friday 23th June:

  1. roast chicken, boiled potatoes
  2. roast beef in cream sauce, dumpling (Czech national meal – svickova)
  3. pork sousage in vegetable, rice

Breakfast at 7AM – 9AM on Saturday 24th June:

  1. continental breakfast with free selection – cereals, yogurth, cheases, eggs, smoked meats, white bread rolls, bread, tea.

Event officials
Director: Ilona Kolovská
Chief referee: Monika Lisá
Course settings: Jiří Hájek

on event web page:
or by e-mail

Approval supplement: schedule was approved by Presidium of ČAR on February 2017.


Download schedule in PDF.