Czech Republic Rogaining championship 2017, Šindelová

Organizing subject
SKOB Ostrov – orienteering sport club Ostrov

Organizing company
Czech association of rogaining and mountain orienteering (ČAR)

Event date
24. – 25. 6. 2017 

Centre of event
Municipality Šindelová,

General informations

Event area
West Ore mountains. Event area is roughly defined on North by Czech-German state border, on East by municipals Potůčky, Pernink, Oldřichov, Smolné Pece, on South by line Tatrovice – Jindřichovice, on West railway Rotava – Kraslice, prolonged in heading to Stříbrná.

From Friday 23. 6. is event area closed for event participants.

Special map for rogaining, scale 1: 40 000, e = 10 m, stand 2012, partially revised 2017. Map will be printed on waterproof material Pretex, which could be easy dirty due its porosity and become illegible (e.g. get dirty by contact with mash). We recommend to secure map by some other level of waterproof material, like Sellotape (Scotchtape) or polythen due very wet character of event area. The map size will be less than B2 format (480 mm x 690 mm).

Terrain character
There is big amount of major and minor roads, paths and small paths in event area and is impossible to get all them in map. In general all main roads should be allocatable in map, but some small paths there are and some aren’t. Decision was made by cartographs, course creator and controlors. Some old rides could appear in terrain here ant there can disappear. Every time check your position yet by other way.

White color in map means forest with different age and kind of vegetation. Sometimes could be this area easy passable, sometimes they are up to impassable. Please keep in your mind, that passion through mountain forest with a lot of areas with difficult run or walk, with lot of fallen branches and marshes is very difficult.

Yellow color in map means open areas (meadows, grazing lands, fields). Some of such areas are bordered by simply electro fences (they aren’t in map). There could be grazing herds on grazing lands, somewhere with calves and young bulls (we have to move one position at another location due this). Some open areas are growth over with high grass.

Forbidden areas
There is a few nature reservations in event area, which are drawn in map as red hatching. In terrain is their border marked by labels and strips on trees (two red strips).

Entry in any nature reservation is strictly prohibited, breach of this restriction will be penalized by disqualification of whole team. Sometimes are in such nature reservations very deep marshes, passing them could be very dangerous! There is prohibited entry at farmstead and private estate too.

Places with risk
There are injury risk (hazardous) areas in neighbourhood of some positions, especially in night (stone-pits, slopes, young bulls in pens etc.) In text descriptions, which you receive together with map 2 hours before start, are such positions marked by exclamation mark (!).

Drinking water in event area
There is enough crews with drinking water in event area, some nature springs will be marked as pink cup in map. We discourage to take water from crews near by settlement and grazing lands. There are some restaurant in event area too (they aren’t marked in map).

By your own vehicles or public transport, it isn’t organized by marshal.

Event centre
Camp will be accessible from Friday 5PM 23th June up to Sunday 25th June. All participant have to leave camp up to 7PM Sunday.


There is camp near to event centre – grass area for tents, drinking water, shower and WC (containers) and  managed parking place. Start and finish place, Hash house, presentation and event office are located across the road from parking place.

Please keep caution by crossing the road between camp and event centre!

There will be mobile WC (TOI TOI) on fix road by forest.

Thank you, if you don’t use soap and shampoo by washing in pond!

Don’t make a fire in whole area of event centre (including tents area)!  

Prezentation (registration)

Friday 23th June – 17:45 – 21:45 – presentation of participants for 6, 12 and 24 hours race

Saturday 24th June – 7:30 – 9:00 – presentation of participants for 6, 12 and 24 hours. Participants for 12  hours can present yourself yet from 15:00 to 16:30.

Every participants must check their chips at presentation and sign there cautionary note about participation at one’s own risk too.

Presentation process

  • It will be possible to pay deficiency in payment (please prepare coins).
  • Participant with own chip must present the chip during the presentation!
  • Team receives envelope with other materials and meal vouchers.
  • Participants will sign cautionary note about participation at one’s own risk.
  • In 24 hours race can start only members of (CAR (Czech rogaining association). You could register for free by presentation.


There is accommodation for participants for 24 and 12 hours only in their own tents in event centre without any fee in reserved area (in plan marked as STANY). Participants for 6 hours in their own tents have to pay fee 50,- CZK per every night.

Catering during race – Hash House

For 24 hours race will be Hash House open from Saturday 5PM up to Sunday 1PM.

For 12 hours race will be Hash House open from Saturday 7PM up to Sunday 8AM.

Catering during race – there will be available warmed meal (soups and main meal), cold and hot drinks, sweets, fruits, dried fruits, cakes, bread, white bread roll.

We will appreciate to you, if you could use your own plate, cutlery and cup for drink.

Catering out of race

There will be open minibufet in event centre, plus local restaurant „Na Tajchu“ (see point Nr. 1 in plan – here don’t cook warm meal.

There is open restaurant „Sparta“ in municipality Šindelová, approx. 800 m from event centre far (in plan point Nr.2), where cook and offer hot meals.

Participants, which ordered Friday dinners and Saturday breakfasts over entry system, will receive their meals in restaurant „Sparta“. Such dispensing of meal is available only by use of meal vouchers, received by presentation.

Evening dispensing: on Friday 23th June between 6PM – 10PM

Breakfast dispensing: on Saturday 24th June between 7AM – 9 AM

Time plan

Friday 23th June 2017

17:30 – 21:45 – registration of participants for 6, 12 and 24 hours

18:00 – 22:00 – ordered dinners

Saturday 24th June 2017

7:30 – 9:00 – registration of participants for 6, 12 and 24 hours. Participants for 12 hours could register yet between 15:00 to 16:30 hours

17:00 – Hash House opening for 24 hour race


24 hours 12 hours 6 hours
SATURDAY 24th June 2017
9:30 – 9:55 – sealing of chips for 24 hours race 16.30 – 16:55 – sealing of chips for 12 hours 8:30 – 8:55 – sealing of chips for 6 hours
10:00 – 10:20 – dispensing of maps and position descriptions for 24 hours race 17:00 – 17:20 – dispensing of maps and positions descriptions for 12 hours race 9:00 – 9:20 – dispensing of maps and positions descriptions for 6 hours race
12:00 – start of 24 hours race 19:00 – start of 12 hours race 11:00 – start of 6 hours race
17:00 – opening of Hash House 19:00 – opening of Hash House 17:00 – finish of 6 hours race
19:10 – results announcement for 6 hours race
SUNDAY 25th June 2017
12:00 – finish of 24 hours race 07:00 – finish of 12 hours race
13:00 – close of Hash House 8:00 – close of Hash House
14:00 – results announcement for 24 hours race 9:00 – results announcement for 12 hours race

Time schedule of race (course)
For punching is used electronic system SportIdent (SI). Organizators will seal chip to your hand by special tape (please see time schedule of every kind of race). In case of SI chip lost or breach of sealing tape must participants return back to start, where will be borrow new chip or sealing tape. But counted will be only points, punched AFTER new start only.

Giving map and position description
Teams starting in 24, 12 and 6 hours races receive text descriptions of positions together with map 2 hours before start.


All participants must be present in start corridor at least 15 minutes before their start (accordingly to start time every 24, 12, 6 hours race). Start corridor will be closed in start time. It is absolutely NECESSARY to clear chip (box „CLEAR“) by entry in start corridor (there will be more entries in start corridor) and check afterwards in box „CHECK“.

10 minutes before start will talk course planner.

Positions and their punching
Positions are marked in map by circle and number, which first digit multiplied by ten is equal to points (from 30 up to 90 points). Amount and sequence of punched positions is on decision every team. In terrain will be positions equipped with  classic flags for orienteering (white and orange triangle flags 30×30 cm) without any reflex surface, then with white-red plastic tape and SI box for punching with position number and label with code. In case of SI failure you have to write this code at SI box into R box in map.


Please, let to read SI chip in finish in every case (condition). It is for us check, that you return back from competition and we don’t need to rescue you.

After expiration time limit are all teams, which didn’t finish competition, asked for immediately return into finish. If they will not do it, they are getting responsible for any possible rescue actions.

Evaluation of results
Final order of teams is given by points, received in competition. If there are teams with same amount of points, team with shorter time takes better position. There is penalty 30 points in case for crossing over time limit for every minute over time limit. In delay higher than 30 minutes isn’t team evaluated.

Filing of protests
Competitors can file protest up to 30 minutes after finish of competition in written form to director of event or chief referee.

Results and announcement of winners
After punching SI box „CÍL“ you have to let to read chip in registration point and you receive your points evaluation and total time. Rolling results will be published in start and finish roam. Final results will be published after event close at event web pages.

Announcement of results will be accordingly to time schedule. In every category will be announced first three teams.

Rules and warnings

Czech forest company (LESY ČR)

  • Thank you, that you will not make any fire in forests, break silent, entry into fenced areas, overnight in any gamekeeper’s/hunter’s equipments, pollute forest by any waste or rubbish (please take them back into event centre)
  • Keep distance 50 meters from harvest equipment
  • Please be careful to new planted plants /small trees

Czech rogaining association (ČAR)

The competition is taken under valid ČAR’s rules.

Citation from ČAR’s rules

  • Competitors can use in competition only busole and map given by organizator. Is strictly prohibited to use for orienteering any other tool or special navigation tools (like GPS etc.). In case of doubt if use is allowed or prohibited decides chief referee in given competition, or Prezidium of ČAR.
  • Competitors cannot use any means of transport
  • Team must go through all competition together. Especially by throughput through positions and finish have to be team members in tight near. Every team member have to punch position self. Is strictly prohibited to leave rest of team (e.g. by their injury or exhaustion) without organizator’s approval and finish rest of course alone. Competitors cannot be support by any other external person, and nobody can accompany or escort team.
  • Organizator can allow to use of stores or services of restaurant etc. In any case it has to be services, which could be use by any competitor. All participants have to aid in any way in case of incident (injury etc.) . Team cannot be penalted for breach of rules, if they gave first aid.
  • Competitors must keep all rules given by organizator and keep all law rules valid on Czech Republic territory.
  • Team cannot place any resources or equipment in event area before competition. Team cannot leave any resources or equipment in event area too, if they will not pick up back before end of competition.
  • Competition will end by expiring given amount of hours after start signal. Crossing over time limit is penalized by subtraction 30 points for every minute of delay. By crossing time limit for more than 30 minutes isn’t team evaluated.

Event officials                                              Informations

Director: Ilona Kolovská                               at event web page:
Chief referee: Monika Lisá                            or by e-mail:
Course planner: Jiří Hájek

Download in PDF here.